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Baby Shower: Alice in Wonderland Themed

Baby showers are always fun to shoot because they’re so colorful, and light, and the people in attendance are happy.  Talk about a great recipe for fun picture-taking!  Shooting Natalie’s baby shower was extra fun because it had an Alice in Wonderland theme.  Hello teacups, candy, and all things king of strange!  The baby shower was a surprise for mommy Natalie and she was, of course, radiant.  We got lucky, too, because just the week before it rained and the weather was terrible.  As if Mother Nature just needed to get the bad weather out of her system, this shower has perfect weather.  Such a fun day.  Can’t wait to meet baby Alliya =)

www.thealbumcafe.com Natalie Collage2 Natalie Collage

Baby Shower THEIR Way

Who says a baby shower has to look a certain way?  Especially in October!

 Hilary Shower 4


When you have a couple who loves Halloween they way Hilary and Solomon do, perhaps it only seems natural to blend the two things they love together: their favorite holiday and their new baby!  This was definitely not your mother’s baby shower, let me tell you.  Starting in the evening and with an open bar, this couple wanted their get-together to be like them–lively and fun.  And it was!  The snacks and food were great, the music was nostalgic, and the drinks were…GREEN!  Proof that you should never feel constrained to “the norm” when planning something for yourself.  They had fun, as did the guests, and isn’t that the important thing?  I think we’ll chalk this Halloween baby shower a “howling” success.  (I won’t apologize for my pun-loving ways. #SorryNotSorry)  =)

Hilary Shower 2

Hilary Shower 1

Hilary Shower 3




Gabriela Dance Theatre – “Abstract”

What better way to bring February to a close than by having the pleasure to photograph amazing artists doing what they love.  The Gabriela Dance Theatre showcased talented individuals from all over the country on one stage for a entertaining performance of dance, song, and creativity at it’s finest.


According to their website, Gabriela Dance Theatre describes “Abstract” as a “collaboration of Artists from San Diego, and Los Angeles consisting of Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, and Jazz, along with Live Musical Performances accompanied by some amazing dancers.”


You can stay “in the know” about upcoming performances by “liking” Gabriela Dance Theatre on Facebook.  Feed your creative side and support the arts! =)

Gabriela Dance Troupe - 1

Halloween Party

Halloween-1 Halloween-2 Halloween-3 Halloween-4



Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I mean, the costumes, the parties, the CANDY!  Okay, perhaps I’m a big child at heart.  Guilty.  Still, I love this time of year–especially for pictures!  The pictures above were from a Halloween event in Northridge for high school students.  There were games, contests, music, and, of course, candy!  (My favorite!)  The students had fun and so did the staff.  Proof that you’re never too old to dress up and engage is silly games!

Senior Social – High School Seniors Preparing For Graduation

I love photographing special events.  On this day, I got to photograph the Senior Social for Options For Youth Charter Schools graduates.  The Senior Social is where the students of this independent study gather together to bond, get graduation information, and do senior crafts.  It was a fun day at the North Hollywood Recreation Center as seniors and their parents prepared for the next chapters of their lives.

Senior Social-3 Senior Social-1

Senior Social-2

Surprise Party

No matter how you are, birthday parties are always a lot of fun–especially when it’s a SURPRISE party!  In Michael’s case, it was a night of unexpected celebration with his friends and loved ones from all over.  Michael’s girlfriend, and family, did a great job keeping the event a surprise.  The decorations were lovely, the atmosphere was fun and lively, and the food was amazing!  The dance floor stayed full and the smiles on everyone’s faces filled the room.  Everyone should be so lucky to have at least one party like this one!

Elington Board 1 Elington Board 2 Elington Board 3


Hip Kitty – Phat Cat Swinger – Swing Times!

Phat Cat Swinger

Phat Cat Swinger at Hip Kitty Jazz Lounge

Phat Cat Swinger at Hip Kitty Jazz Lounge

Phat Cat Swinger at Hip Kitty Jazz Lounge


Over the weekend I was lucky enough to see Phat Cat Swinger at the Hip Kitty Jazz & Fondue Lounge. My love of swing aside, this band was incredibly lively, talented, and just a lot of fun to experience. I really wanted to capture at least a fraction of the heart and soul this band brought to the stage.


Despite my love of getting particular shots, I can be a pretty “shy” photographer. If I’m not assigned the task of taking pictures, I try to stay out of the way of others and remain as generic as possible. Therefore I felt pretty limited in photography angles as my home base was my dinner booth. Still, I was very happy with a lot of the shots of that night.  Despite feeling limited to one general location, I had a lot of fun trying to document the band members in creative ways.  After all, you can’t always shoot from where you’d like–best to make magic from where you CAN shoot, right? 🙂


Lesson of that evening: you can still get great shots even if you’re unable to move as freely as you’d like.


One of the great things of having a digital camera is that you’re able to experiment with angles and styles freely without the worry of “wasting film.”  That said, I highly recommend shooting away when you’re at an event–you never know what kind of jewels you may capture in the process!