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Top 5

Top 5: Gifts for Photographers

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Photographers

  1. Camera Pen Holder – What a lovely pencil/pen holder that would look good on any desk or workstation.  Everyone uses pencils and pens, right?  Why not make the holder a fancy photography one?
  2. Fun Photographer Sign – I love this fun sign.  A great gift for the lighthearted photographer.
  3. Camera Pencil Sharpener – Yet another thing that would add a little personality to a photographer’s desk or workstation.
  4. Film Canister Toilet Paper Dispenser – In fairness, I think this gift is awesome in concept rather than in practice.  Based on reviews, it works best as a decorative piece than an actual dispenser.  However, that’s how I would use it.  In fairness, an over-sized film canister that can hold items could go anywhere as a decorative piece.
  5. Camera Shaped USB Drive – This 4GB USB drive is a cute novelty piece that would look good hanging out with the photographer’s other computer peripherals.

Top 5: Things to Send Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is More than Just a Gift

Assuming a gift has already been purchased/made/ascertained/etc for your mom, I have a few ideas for some extras that you can do for mom’s out there.  Giving a gift is easy.  It’s the extra touches that really drive home your appreciation for mom.  These are just ideas for your mom, by the way.  These can be done for any mom out there.  Find a mom or two and send them some love!

Top 5 Things to Send Mom for Mothers Day

  1. What Kids Really Think Video – Parents and non-parents alike can be rather self-critical.  This video, however, takes a look at the difference between how moms see themselves versus how their kids see them.  Definitely a must-see video for any mom on Mother’s Day.
  2. The Parent Rap – In fairness, this is a lovely kudos to both mothers and fathers.  I love this parent rap done by some of THE coolest parents around.  (No, I don’t know the parents in the video, but, well, come on.  How could they not be cool?)  Bonus, you can save this video for Father’s Day, too.
  3. Momisms – What do you get when you cross the “William Tell Overture” with a mom?  Why, you end up with Anita Renfroe’s masterpiece about motherhood of course.  She, naturally, got a standing ovation when she finished.  Rightly so, might I add!  Bonus video: looks like someone came up with a response to said mom-sterpiece (okay, I tried…and failed), called “The Child Song (Answer to the Mom Song).”  It’s pretty cute.  You can see it here.
  4. JibJab – Why send a boring greeting card when you can add pictures of your mom (and others) to a JibJab animation starring your dear ol’ mom.  There are lots of options and you can even post it on her Facebook wall.
  5. Nick Mom – Give the gift that keeps giving with Nick Mom, a collection of videos pertaining to moms and parent life in general.

Top 5: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Photographers

Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for a Photographer?

It’s the time of year again, Valentine’s Day!  Don’t let the pressure to get “the perfect gift” stop you from trying to find something fun and personalized.  The traditional gifts (jewelry, chocolate, and stuffed animals) are easy and ready available, but what if you want something with a little more pizzazz and personality?  If you’re curious about what kind of gift to get a photographer this Valentine’s Day, I’ve got a few suggestions!  All of the gift ideas are inexpensive but thoughtful.  Amazon is a wonderful website for all kinds of novelty gifts–even for your neighborhood super-photographer.

Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts for Photographers

  1. Vintage Camera Necklace – Who said jewelry has to cost and arm and a leg?  Give this vintage little treat to any photographer who would would love to don her craft around her neck!
  2. F-Stop Watch – Keeping time has never been so photographer-chic!  It tells time, looks good, and acts as a little cheat-sheet…what could be better??
  3. Camera EarringsEarrings are always a nice option for Valentine’s Day, so why not let mini cameras dangle from one’s ears?  Cute enough to be worn everyday–talk about getting your money’s worth!
  4. Camera CufflinksCufflinks are a staple accessory for a man’s wardrobe.  I see no reason why those lovely cufflinks couldn’t be related to the over love of the photographer, cameras!
  5. Photographer Wristbands – The wrists need a little photography love, too!  Check out these lovely photography-related wristbands.  They are sure to be a fun conversation-started at the very least.

Top 5: Happy Things Online

With so much negativity in the world today, I love when I come across some happy things in the media.  If you’re feeling a little low, or just want a little extra happiness in your world, check out my collection of happy things online.  Feel free to

Top 5 Happy Things Online

  1.  365 Grateful – I saw this video for 365 Grateful on Upworthy and fell in love with the project.  I love it so much so, I’m starting the project January 1st.  The idea is purposefully focusing on one thing that you’re grateful for everyday and taking a picture of it.  I suppose you can document it in any fashion you’d like (draw it, blog it, write a poem about it), as long as you’re committing to the practice.  The result?  A new appreciation for things that could have otherwise blended into the background of our busy, blur-filled lives.  It’s also a great way to force oneself to slow down and look for good in the world.  The video is just under 4-minutes, but such an inspiring video.
  2.  Simon’s Cat – You don’t have to be a cat-owner to like the videos of Simon’s Cat.  However, if you do own a cat, you’ll probably love these short animations about a cat being a cat.
  3. Street Art – Granted this collection was from 2012,but it still makes me happy when I see it.  How can one not smile at the creativity employed with these works of art.  Honestly, I can’t see cracks in the sidewalk, chipped pain, and exposed pipes the same again.
  4. Football Players Change the Play – I love seeing things like this happen in the world.  It’s a reminder that there is still great humanity in this world and that the next generation is actively making things happen.  Such a reminder that little things can mean so much and go a long way to someone else.  This has to fill the heart!
  5. Cute Overload – If you’re an animal-lover, you’ll probably love Cute Overload.  It’s hard to not feel your happy meter increase after looking at this little cuties.

Top 5: Cheap New Year’s Eve Fun Ideas

Looking for Something to do on New Year’s Eve?

Every year I feel like there is a scramble to find plans for New Year’s Eve.  Living in Los Angeles, just about everything that is available is terribly expensive on New Year’s Eve.  While I think it’s great to attend a big New Year’s Eve party at least once in your life, I definitely prefer to steer clear at this point in my life.  (Mostly because I find too many places over-crowded, the drinks watered down, service deficient, and just more trouble than it’s worth.  Sigh.)  Again, that’s not everywhere, mind you.  In fact, if you know of a place that’s OPPOSITE of that, let me know!

Cheap NYE Fun Ideas


  1. Go to (or convince a friend to throw) a house party – All you need is one house, a television, snacks, people, champagne/sparkling cider, and drinks.  Instant good time!  No valet parking.  No VIP areas.  No strict dress code.  No exorbitant admission.  Just good times with good people!
  2. Have a small gathering at home – Keep things simple with just a few friends, family, and/or loved ones.  No raucous, no crowds, no hefty bar tab.  No one said New Year’s Eve parties had to be over-the-top.  (No one said a small soiree can’t become an over-the-top party, either!)
  3. Throw your own house party – Don’t have a friend throwing a party?  No problem!  You can throw your own little fiesta from your own humble abode.  Most specifically, why not host a themed party for the evening?  You could have guests do activities pertaining to the the year’s end.  Your party, your vision, your rules.  (Don’t forget to share them though–I can use some ideas for next year!)
  4. Check out your favorite activities and hot spots – You might be surprised at the businesses that change their hours for New Year’s Eve in order to accommodate an event.  Venues that you wouldn’t traditionally think of for New Year’s Eve celebrations may actually be great alternatives for the more common celebration spots.  Like bowling?  Check out your local bowling alley.
  5. Go you a local restaurant/bar – Food and drinks are half the battle for acquiring New Year’s Eve fun.  Visit the websites of the restaurants and bars in your area.  If they aren’t hosting a specific New Year’s Eve party, bring your own group of friends and throw your own little gathering.  Thanks local restaurant/bar for being the convenient venue! =)

Photo credits: ori2uruCalebrwLamilliMagnus Manske, and Rama.


Five Apps I’m Obsessed with Right Now

Every now and then I remember that my smartphone is super powerful and capable of doing amazing things.  It’s during these little a-ha moments when I’m usually in the Google Play store, marveling at all of my options.  I’m like a kid in a candy store on a shopping spree!  SO… here’s what I’m obsessed with today.  (In no particular order.)…


1. Pocketbooth

Who wouldn’t want a photo booth on their phone?!  The camera is automocially the front-facing camera (at least for the Samsung Galaxy S4) and the images are in B&W.  The only slight negative part is the quickness of each picture.  There also isn’t a countdown or anything so you have to move quickly and be ready, fast!

2. Pinterest

Oh boy, Pinterest.  Pinterest is like a rabbit hole for me.  I go in with a little curiosity and end up spending over an hour in there, with a bazillion tabs open in Chrome.  Luckily, I can’t really do that on my phone.  (Well, at least not that I’m aware of anyway.)  Still, it’s easy to get carried away, even in the mobile version.  I can still pin and I can still search.  What a happy camper I am!  Fun way to spend some idle time, also.  =)

3. Diaro

I know a lot of people love Evernote, but for some reason, it just doesn’t do it for me.  I have it on my phone, but I rarely ever use it.  Diaro, however, meets my needs.  While it’s a diary app, I like that I can use it for whatever I want while also keeping it private.  That was important to me.  I use it keep track of ideas, plans, important things in life, etc.  I have a terribly memory so I wanted something that I could have on my phone that was easy to use for recall.  This obviously works well as a general personal diary, also.

4. Hardest Game Ever 2

The addictive quality of this game is just insane.  It is seemingly simple, yet each level usually has me yelling at my phone. =)  Each game is very quick, but you have to complete the task in order to unlock the next task.  The objectives are fast-paced and sometimes very silly.  You’d be surprised at how tense you can get while playing.  I would advise playing when you have a lot of time on your hands though, because the time will fly!

5. Zombies, Run!

Let me start out by saying this: I hate running.  Hate it!  However, I always see things I hate as an opportunity to embrace it in some way.  A few years ago I channeled my I-hate-running feelings into training for a half-marathon.  My goal is just to finish the race and not give up along the course.  Did I finish?  Yes, I did!  Proudest medal I’ve earned to date, too, by the way!  Did it change my attitude for running?  Absolutely!  It never quite turned into a love for running, and I definitely didn’t hate it, and I enjoyed seeing how far I could go.  After the race,  got injured, and I had to stop running.  Trying to get back into the groove of things, I found the Zombies, Run app.  Love it.  There is a story line and definite incentive to keep going.  I can listen to music while running and as things happen during my run, the notifications will interrupt my music.  So fun.  =)

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