Top 5: Gifts for Photographers

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Photographers

  1. Camera Pen Holder – What a lovely pencil/pen holder that would look good on any desk or workstation.  Everyone uses pencils and pens, right?  Why not make the holder a fancy photography one?
  2. Fun Photographer Sign – I love this fun sign.  A great gift for the lighthearted photographer.
  3. Camera Pencil Sharpener – Yet another thing that would add a little personality to a photographer’s desk or workstation.
  4. Film Canister Toilet Paper Dispenser – In fairness, I think this gift is awesome in concept rather than in practice.  Based on reviews, it works best as a decorative piece than an actual dispenser.  However, that’s how I would use it.  In fairness, an over-sized film canister that can hold items could go anywhere as a decorative piece.
  5. Camera Shaped USB Drive – This 4GB USB drive is a cute novelty piece that would look good hanging out with the photographer’s other computer peripherals.

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