Spotlight: Francisco, the Renaissance Man

Francisco Collage


Once again I got to photograph someone who seemingly lives in front of a camera regularly.  Talk about relaxed!  I went in with a particular game plan for what kinds of pictures I thought we’d get, and ended up with far more than I anticipated.  My camera’s shutter button was definitely in overdrive this day as this creative fella moved from one pose to another, seamlessly.  Color me impressed!

That’s not to say that one has to know how to “strike a pose” in front of the camera, mind you.  In fact, I like photographing people that get nervous in front of the camera.  Each experience is totally different, but it’s always fun to see where the session goes!  My goal is always to capture a person’s true self in their pictures, and I love the journey to those pictures.   For the record, the first picture in Francisco’s set above was one of my favorites from the day.  It was between poses while we were talking.  I thought it was an honest emotion and one that I was happy I caught.  See?  It pays to always have your camera ready on location, people! =)

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