6 Photography Projects to Do with a Friend

Looking to keep your creative juices flowing?  Why not do a photography project with a friend.  (The more friends the merrier, actually!)  You and your photography-loving buddies can pick a project and share your work with each other, compete against each other, or just accumulate a huge compilation of images and make a fun photo book.  The sky is the limit here, friends.  To get you started, here are a few projects that I think may get you and you camera going!  Don’t forget, sharing is caring.  I’d love to see your work!

Photography Projects

 Project 1: ABC Project

Pick a theme and go out and find something to photograph that represents each letter.  In the past, I did that for Christmas.  It’s a lot of fun talking about which letters you and your friend(s) are having trouble finding.  (Oh how tricky letters like “q”, “x”, and “z” can be in this project!)  Depending on how you want to do it, you can get pretty competitive with this.  Still, it gets you looking at things you wouldn’t normally look at for photography.  Great for creativity and practice!Selfie Saturdays

Project 2: Selfie Saturdays

Don’t underestimate the possibilities of a selfie.  Sure you can hold your camera phone out in front of you and snap away.  However, this is an opportunity to really get creative with your self-portraits!  Try things that you never tried before.  The beauty of selfies is that you don’t have to explain any weird poses to any other subject, nor do you have to worry about wasting anyone else’s time while you experiment with your shots!

Project 3: Photo Scavenger Hunt

This works great if you and friends are going on a trip, or just everyday life.  You and your friends can compile a list of things you want to search for and then go to town!  See how many things you can shoot before a set number of days, or see who is first to fine all of the items.  Get creative with your list!

Project 4: Photo Shoot Fridays

Offer to photograph a friend or a family each Friday for a month.  This doesn’t just provide a perfect opportunity to practice your photography, but it’s also doing a service for someone else.  As you share your work with your friend(s), also share tips from your photo shoots.

Project 5: A Month in Time

Pick a specific time in the day, or time of day, and photograph what you’re doing at that time, every day for a month.  Maybe you want to pick 2:30pm.  Then every day at 2:30pm, you stop what you’re doing and take a picture of what’s going on at the moment.  Or, you pick mornings.  So every day for a month, you take a picture of something you’re doing each morning.

31 Days Project

This is an abbreviated version of Project 365.  Every day for a month, you take a picture of something.  Anything!  (Ideally something that you’d want to remember, however.)  At the end of the project, you can look back at your month in photos!  To keep each other going, share photos with each other on your social media platform of your choice.

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