5 Things You Can Do with Your Photos

The combination of camera phones and social media, collecting pictures has been easier than ever.  The question is: what do you do with all of those images that you’ve compiled and saved on your computer?  Well I have a few ideas for you so that you can do a little photo organization and give those photos the love they deserve.

5 things to do with your photos

1. Make a lovely photo book

You can pick a theme and go from there.  If you have a lot of photos from a trip, or family, or an event, upload them to your favorite photo book site and make a lovely memory book.  The best part is that you can generally add a title to the spine of the book, so you can end up with a nice collection of books that you can easily distinguish from your bookshelf.  Photo books always make lovely coffee table books, also.  If you take a lot of photos, you can always organize them by year and make a Year in Review photo book.

2. Share them in a photo community

There are so many photo communities online to join, you could share your images with others.  Websites like Flickr and Google+, for example, have groups you can join to share your work, get constructive criticism, and even participate in contests.  You never know, you could inspire others and you can get inspiration from others.

3. Use digital albums

The cool thing about digital albums is that you don’t have to select one image to frame, you can select multiple images!  You save pictures on a memory card and then put the memory in the frame–simple as that.  Then you have a collection of images that rotate.  This is great to keep your wedding photos, family, and any other special photos on display.

4. Share your gift with others

Print them and put them in a collage for a friend or loved one.  You could also use your photos to make a personalized give for someone.

5. Scrapbook

If the photo book isn’t your thing, you could get those creative juices flowing and make a few scrapbooks!  The nice thing about scrapbooking is that you have a lot more flexibility to add other personal items, like concert tickets, to the book.

Bonus: Computer Screensaver

Why keep your photos hidden?  Put your favorite photos in an album and then set that album as your screensaver preference.  Now when you’re taking a break from your computer, you can reminisce as your photos scroll.


Any other ideas?  I’d love to hear them!

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