Baby Shower THEIR Way

Who says a baby shower has to look a certain way?  Especially in October!

 Hilary Shower 4


When you have a couple who loves Halloween they way Hilary and Solomon do, perhaps it only seems natural to blend the two things they love together: their favorite holiday and their new baby!  This was definitely not your mother’s baby shower, let me tell you.  Starting in the evening and with an open bar, this couple wanted their get-together to be like them–lively and fun.  And it was!  The snacks and food were great, the music was nostalgic, and the drinks were…GREEN!  Proof that you should never feel constrained to “the norm” when planning something for yourself.  They had fun, as did the guests, and isn’t that the important thing?  I think we’ll chalk this Halloween baby shower a “howling” success.  (I won’t apologize for my pun-loving ways. #SorryNotSorry)  =)

Hilary Shower 2

Hilary Shower 1

Hilary Shower 3




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