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Let's Be Friends - Brianna Danylle Photography Brianna Danylle Photography Let's Be Friends - Brianna Danylle Photography

Let’s Be Friends

I love connecting with people and social media makes it so easy these days!  Like most others I use social media to connect and share.  However, I use different social media sites differently.  Below you can see how I use each medium.  If you’re also on one (or more) of the social media sites I use, and you want to connect with me–awesome!  Let’s be friends!  I’m always on something and I’m active with correspondences/feedback/likes/etc..  I’m nice, I promise.  =)


I use Twitter more casually.  I admit, random thoughts pop into my head and sometimes Twitter is the release for said thoughts.  I also post blog updates, but I mostly tweet more casual tweets.  You can also see some behind the scenes stuff from sessions.


Nearly everyone has a camera phone, including me.  I love seeing what’s happening with other people, and I share what’s gong on with me.  Similar to Twitter, I post more casual things happening.  If you’re curious about what’s going on when I’m not taking pictures of others, you’ll get a lot of that here.  I also post behind the scenes stuff, too.  I mean, it’s not all glamorous.


I admit it, I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest.  There is just so much amazing stuff on this one little website!  I post photography tips and tricks from my blog and other online sources I come across.  I also share my favorite images that I come across online as well as my own from shoots.  If you want to learn about photography, see cool pictures, get good ideas, or just get tips on how to look great in your pictures, follow my boards on Pinterest.


I mostly use Facebook to post teasers and select shots from shoots that I do.  I also post updates from my blog, which are mostly photography tips and tricks for anyone.  I post promos on Facebook, also.   With the change in how Facebook shows the posts on company pages, unfortunately it seems like these posts don’t reach everyone who “likes” the page, however, I greatly appreciate the people who have “liked” the page and who I get to interact with through Facebook.  I hope the way posts are delivered change back at some point.  I’d like more Facebook interaction with people!  Side note, if you haven’t liked the page yet, please do!  Hopefully you’ll be one of the ones that gets the updates. =)


I really like Google+ and I’m trying to be better about posting in there.  My posting in Google+ is that it’s a cross between the way I post in Facebook and Twitter.  If you haven’t jointed G+ yet, you should check it out.  It’s actually really good for community/group pages.


Hey, look at that, I'm online!  Are you?  Connect with me for updates or just to say hello! 

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