My Style

I thrive on candid shots and having fun. There is something magical about capturing the exact moment a person breaks into a laughing fit, or the expression on a child’s face when something funny off in the distance catches their eye.  I like the session to feel relaxed and comfortable.  It’s very easy to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, and I can definitely understand and appreciate one’s uncertainty over how they’re going to look.  I mean, everyone wants to look great right?  No worries, I’ve got you covered.


My Advice

There are a LOT of photographers looking to capture your special events and moments… so how do you decide on who to choose? Go with your gut.

Photography is an art, and art, when done correctly, is full of passion.  If your photos are important to you, search until you feel as though you’ve found a photographer’s passion that is complimentary to what you want. Hiring a photographer shouldn’t feel obligatory; it should be fun!

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